Seed Processing & Quality

Seed Processing & Quality

The quality is always our unchanging principle. Vokkal Seeds being a local seed company, is highly committed to give a real value and always work for ‘Quality’ to meet the challenging needs at all stages of supply chain management. Seeds are tested as per the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) procedures and standards.

The seeds received from the production centers are subject to seed processing and quality assessment. Seed processing involves all the steps which makes the harvested seed ready for marketing with its physical and genetic purity tested at different stages in production system.

Seed Drying

Seeds are dried to a safe moisture level by sun drying and by using dryers in order to maintain the viability and vigor for a very long time.

Seed Cleaning and Size Grading

The Company is have a separate processing unit equipped with different types of machines. The graders are used to separate the seeds according to the size, which includes laboratory model grader. The gravity separators are used to separate the seeds based on the density. Some kind of seeds like flower seeds are separated with the help of cylindrical separator to maintain the uniform shape and size. The seed blower is used to separate heavy and light fractions for small sized and other exotic flower seeds. The seed brushing machine is used to remove the hairiness of the seeds. By this way the undesirable fractions namely inert matter, weed seeds, other crop seeds, light and chaffy seeds are removed from the desirable seed lots.

Seed Testing

forms the hub of quality control activities. Seed is tested for moisture content, physical purity, germination, genetic purity and seed health. The germination tests are conducted based on International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) rules.

Genetic Purity Test

Genetic purity is trueness to the type. The company adapts a biochemical technique called Iso-electric focusing for testing genetic purity/MAS wherever required. Highly precise results are obtained regularly within a span of three hours and are cross compared with regular Grow Out Test (GOT) results. The genetic purity is directly related to the uniformity of the crop. In order to conduct GOT, it is having a separate farm where all the seed lots are tested before released to the market.

Seed Health Test

Healthy seed is one which does not contain any seed borne disease causing organism. Seed is tested for the presence or absence of seed borne pathogens by direct examination with the help stereo binocular microscope and indirectly by ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbant Assay) and PCR (Polymarase Chain Reaction). To know the disease incidents within a short period of time these tests will be regularly conducted before seeds are packed and shipped.

Seed Storage

where seeds are stored in both controlled and an ordinary warehouse as per the technical specifications. In case of conditioned storage, temperature and relative humidity are maintained as per the crop requirement and seeds are packed under dehumidifying condition in air tight containers.

Seed Treatment and Coating

The seeds are coated with organic polymers and appropriate chemicals in the seed coating machine. The fungicides and insecticides are mixed with polymers and coated directly on the seeds to avoid post emergence diseases. The coated seed are free flowing in nature and suitable for mechanical sowing. The treated seeds are dust free and environmental friendly.