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Agriculture has been facing a lot of challenges with respect to quality, nutrition,increasing cost of production and changing weather pattern in the recent past. The immense population growth coupled with changing food habit has made Agricultural scientist to be more dynamic in evolving improved varieties and hybrids with specific traits to different regions and markets.

Though farmer has wide choice of crops and varieties but he is not getting suitable seeds to harvest the desired returns. Seed being a primary and most important input in crop production, he has been always looking for a new variety or a hybrid which can suit his needs to harvest ample production at his desired time to get high market price.

Vokkal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading vegetable seeds companies located at Bangalore, India; promoted by a group of Agricultural professionals with vast experience in Seed Business management. One of the major objectives is to ensure timely supply of need based high quality vegetable seeds to the farming community to get maximum returns for their investment. The seeds are Research based and produced with an extra caution to give a real value to the growers.

The company's research station is located near Bangalore with a team of dedicated breeders working intensively to add new hybrids and varieties required for the market to meet the challenges of disease & pest problems, high yield and good keeping quality with preferred taste.

The seeds are produced by highly qualified and experienced Production Team with a focus to get high genetic purity and excellent germination to ensure high seedling vigor and good productivity. The company strongly believes in word of mouth promotional strategy at farmers level for seed market. Qualified Product Promotion team is educating the farmers by conducting product demonstrations and field days in all the major vegetable growing areas to create gross root level awareness and seeds are made available through a strong distribution network by dedicated marketing team all over the country.

The Farmers preferred traits are our priorities and ensuring good returns to them is our primary motto. The quality is always our unchanging principle. Vokkal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. being a local seed company, is highly committed to give a real value and always work for 'Quality' to meet the challenging needs of a changing society.

Quality is not an aim but is our attitude.

About Us