R & D Activities

There is a dedicated qualified R & D team working on major vegetable crops viz., Tomato, Hot Peppers, Okra, Melons and Gourds. Ever changing demand for vegetable hybrids to suit different market segments and agro-climatic zones have led to strengthen Research and Development wing. Its activities are focus for target markets of both domestic and International. The company has already released several commercially viable hybrids.

Tomato being a major crop of subtropics, the company offers a wide range of high yielding hybrids. These include processing, fresh market, dual purpose, in determinates (outdoor and greenhouse culture). An array of hybrids resistant to bacterial wilt, TYLCV, TMV, nematodes and a host of other temperate foliar and root diseases are in the process of development.

The Research stations are located in two agro climatic conditions; Sathnur near to Bangalore and other one is at Hiriyur, Karnataka, India.

Hot Pepper, a major crop of India is witnessing a shift from open pollinated varieties to hybrids. The company has kept pace with ever increasing demand of hybrids by releasing virus resistant materials and CMS hybrids to meet both green and red peppers.

High yielding Okra hybrids with tolerance / resistance to YVMV & Enation virus, Superior pod quality and yield. A series of hybrids have made a mark in the domestic and offshore markets.

Watermelon and melons are major crops and the efforts have led to release of many commercially viable hybrids as per the market requirements like size, shape, sweetness, keeping quality and dieses tolerance.

Gourds; The company is also focusing on the improvement of the traditional Asian vegetables like ridge gourd, bottle gourd, sponge gourd, and bitter gourd by releasing high quality and high yielding hybrids. .